Curse of War

Brooklyn native, Sergeant James Powell (Ronald Graham) is a U.S. Marine suffering from symptoms of PTSD and struggling with his demons spawned from the gruesome atrocities he experienced during the war conflict in the Middle East. James seeks the professional psychological help of Dr. Dent (Sally Stewart), who does her best to help the psychologically devastated James during their frequent sessions as he continually recalls his war experiences in painful systematic detail. During this particular visit, James reveals a very tragic and disturbing detail about his experience in the war he’s never mentioned before to anyone, including Dr. Dent. 
Frequently self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs, James lives alone, alienated from his family while utilizing voice recordings of his children as a source of comfort. During a cold winter’s day, James reminisces about his tumultuous relationship with his wife Sherri Powell (Famecia Ward) and their children David Powell (Omar Vincent) and Ali Powell (Kaya Slawecka). As James falls deeper into depression, he makes a decision to let it all go. 

Ronald Graham as "James Powell"

photo by Francine Dominguez