Phillipa D. Davis
Executive Producer/Producer

Phillipa Davis' fascination with films, whether it be drama, sci-fi,
thriller or musical, lead her to pursue a career in TV / Film
production. Described as the hardest working woman in show biz,
she literally worked her way up the ladder.
Phillipa embarked on her career starting out as a production
secretary on the acclaimed feature film, New Jack City directed by
Mario Van Pebbles. From there she joined local 161 union and
worked as an assistant production office coordinator on the hit film Strictly Business starring Halle Berry and directed by Kevin Hooks.
Phillipa was then hired as a production coordinator on Dead
Presidents directed by the Hughes Bros, and shot in New York City
and Orlando, Florida. That project allowed her to work on
location which set the trend for her doing many jobs on location.
She has worked throughout the US on TV series, Studio and
independent films.
This ultimately led Phillipa to the music video industry where she
spent a large part of her career. Making music videos nurtured her
love for filmmaking as she got to be creatively involved with the
concepts and was pivotal and successful in steering the creative to best execute a director's vision. Phillipa collaborated with her
director and artist to build what she calls mini movies as many of
the videos had a narrative aspect and were sometimes patterned
after well know films or resembled abstract art. The creative
freedom and million plus budgets allowed Phillipa to hire top notch DP's, production designers, costume designers, make up and hair stylists, AD's and talented supporting crew which made the process very innovative, unique and progressive.
Phillipa's success in the music video and commercial business lead her to a great partnership with award winning and trend setting director, Hype Williams on projects for P. Diddy, R Kelly, Nas, Wu Tang Clan to name a few. She also worked with directors:
Christopher Robinson, Nigel Dick, Guy Ferland, Bob Giraldi,
Marc Klasfeld, Sanji, Nzingha Stewart, Andrew Dosunmu and
others on many grammy award winning projects.
Phillipa was nominated for 2 grammy’s, one for best short form
video, for Lauryn Hill “Everything is Everything” directed by
Sanji, and the other for a long form video, a documentary titled
“10 Days Out, Blues from the Back Road”, directed by Noble
Jones. Both categories are the only ones dedicated to producers;
highly competitive categories, and her extraordinary work
garnered her recognition in both.
Phillipa successfully segued between feature films, music videos and commercials for over 15 years. Her big break in moving up from coordinator to production manager was on the HBO series Subway Stories, working on the episode directed by Academy Award winning director, Jonathan Demme. That opportunity opened the doors to a number of production managing and line producing film projects including: PBS film Harambee directed by TV veteran, Francaswell Hyman, feature film Manny and Lo starring Scarlet Johanson and produced by Dean Silvers, Ride directed by Millicent Shelton and Cristovao Colombo – O Enigma directed by renowned European director Manoel De Oliviera.
One of Phillipa's many goals is to creative produce full length
projects, and that opportunity came on a feature film titled My
Normal directed by Irving Schwartz. Her ability to take a story from script form to screen by bringing the characters to life in working intimately with the cast and director; developing and
understanding the nuances of each scene, made the experience
very rewarding.
Writing has recently become a passion of Phillipa’s and she is
currently writing a script for a documentary length feature,
developing a TV series, and creating original concepts for TV
projects. Her recent works include producing commercials and
stills with acclaimed photographer and director, Steven Sebring.
She's produced commercials and stills for Coach, Joe Fresh,
Vogue Italia, Rita Wilson and Estee Lauder. She's also worked on
spots for Reebok, Adidas and a documentary film sponsored by
Pepsi and directed by Chris Robinson.
Looking towards the future Phillipa has her focus on directing and
writing. She has started a novel as well as a musical and sci-fi