Nicole Millar
"Civilian Woman"

NICOLE MILLAR (SAG-AFTRA), is originally from London and her family heritage is Greek Cypriot.  She graduated with a diploma from West London College in “Performing Arts & Media” in England (1991) and  moved to the states to continue her acting career and broaden her experience.   She studied Comedia d’el Arte with Danny Passer (2004) and is a graduate of the Meisner Technique two year program at the renowned Ruskin School of Acting in Santa Monica, CA. (2006).  Currently, Nicole is studying at UCB Improve and at the Ruskin in their Graduate Program.  Her dedication to the arts resulted in her current position as the Stage Manager at the Ruskin Group Theatre, yet her driving force is her passion and excitement to be on stage.
Credits include: “Curse of War” Civilian Woman, Blue Music Productions.  “Manic Adolescence”  Kikimora.   A Very Warm Production.  “Prospects”  Mrs .Edgeware,  RockWater Productions.  “Game Of Scones” Osha, Open Door Pictures. “Between Two Women”  Sophie, Helene Shaw Productions.  “Down The Road” Stephanie,  Drennen/Meridith/Stern Productions.  “Mr. Vinegar & The Ants” Ms. Gupta, Ebling Productions. “Black & White” Fatima, Kelby/Ball-Z Films. “Rogue Hunter’s” Shay, GrayJayFilms, Inc.