"Let it all go" 

A Music Video inspired by the film "Curse of War"
Sergeant James Powell is suffering from PTSD. While self-medicating and contemplating his future on a cold and cloudy day in Brooklyn, he experiences a chance encounter with his estranged family as the music and lyrics by B.O.S.S help to soothe his soul.

Song available for digital download at most major online music stores, including:
​iTunes  and Amazon Music

Abdul filming Natalieq. 

BTS Photos by Mark T Laurent

Natalieq and make-up Artist Tammie Lee on location downtown LA.

Abdul aka DJ Abby AB & Natalieq filming on location downtown LA.

Is Brooklyn in the house!

"Back in the Big Apple! With the characters being Brooklyn natives, it made sense to shoot the narrative scenes in Brooklyn and I definitely wanted to utilize the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline as backdrops. While scouting for a shooting location, it was like going down memory lane being that I shot 6 music videos in and around that exact location, but all before the area was renovated into a beautiful public park, so this was like a brand new playground to shoot on".  -  Abdul Malik Abbott

Our New York DP,  Henry  Adebonojo

Ronnie & Famecia prep​ for filming.

Though it was a cold and grey day, the park was very busy, yet no one bothered us while shooting.

Henry and Abdul, long-time collaborators.

"Acting without speaking dialog in a music video could be challenging, especially when it is dramatic acting and no one is crying or obviously angry. When it came down to it, it was all in the eyes. These talented group of actors really came through and did a great job recreating their characters from "Curse of War".  - ​Abdul Malik Abbott

Behind the scenes photos by
Magdalena Slawecka

​Abdul with the talented cast, Famecia Ward, Kaya Slawecka and Omar Dellimore
on location in Brooklyn Bridge park.


"Let it all go": Performed by B.O.S.S @bossmusicny
Lyrics Written and Vocals by Natalieq @mrsnatalierand
Music Produced & Performed by
Evan Eder & Abdul Malik Abbott (DJ ABBY AB)

Music video Production

Directed and Edited by Abdul Malik Abbott @djabbyab
Produced by Abdul Malik Abbott & Phillipa Davis
NY DP: Henry Adebonojo @dial35
LA DP: Abdul Malik Abbott
LA Make up Artist: Tammie Lee @tamivision
Stills & camera Assist (LA) - Mark T. Laurent
Colorist: Sam Akinyele @akinyelefx

Music Video Starring

Ronnie Graham
Famecia Ward
Kaya Slawecka
Omar Dellimore

Special Thanks to:
Phillipa Davis
Famecia Ward
Ronnie Graham
Magdalena Slawecka
Dominique Vincent
Mart T Laurent
Henry Adebonojo
Charles Hunt
Christina Norman
Michael Marzovilla
Abdul Mubdi Abdul-Karim

​© Blue Music Productions