Jaimes Timas
Actor - "Troy Drayton"

Classically trained, Jaimes Timas has played roles from Shakespeare to Kismet, working in regional repertory theaters, many musical videos such as Pharrel's recent hit smash Freedom, as well as in dozens of print/campaigns and roles in commercials. Jaimes L. Timas, second of four children, was born at the Navel Hospital in San Diego, California, to Anita (Lopes), who work as a maid and Francisco C. Timas, a Vietnam Veteran. Lived all over the country in such places like Hawaii, Philippines, and Cape Verde. Also, state side in Boston, Dorechester and grew up in West Sacramento, California.
The smart athletically inclined Timas initially found his way in college via academic and football scholarship. His love for acting and sports would take him off the streets. Also, escape the troubles that sometimes happen at home and provide a way to bring light into the darkness. He is a avid reader and enjoys writing poetry. He teaches kids to believe in themselves and that you can achieve your dreams.