Evan Lawrence Eder
Music Composer

Born and raised in New York City, composer Evan Lawrence Eder grew up playing classical piano and guitar. He was deeply influenced by the diverse musical styles he was exposed to living in The Big Apple.
Mr. Eder is a music composer currently located in Los Angeles working with the latest in HD and sampling technology while combining dynamic audio production skills with musical recordings that are rich in clarity and texture. His tracks display a unique sonic sound while infusing a variety of musical styles ranging from Cinematic scores to Rock, Alternative, Metal, Grunge, Trance, Industrial, Hip Hop, Ambient, Electronica, Indian, African, Latin, Brazilian, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Blues and Country.
Evan’s World Music compositions are featured along with Anoushka Shankar and Talvin Singh on the “Tantra Lounge” album and he also composed all the music for the more recent “Kama Sutra Lounge: Volume 3” album.
Evan’s Motion Picture credits include: The Boondock Saints II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lonely Street, State Property, As Good As Dead, Ted, Cosmic Coffee, and Road Reps. Evan’s TV credits include: Mad House, Hero, Wakeup Call, Project Runway, Project Runway: Allstars, The Ark, Keeping Up It With The Kardashians, Doctor Drew, Big Rich Atlanta, Bet Your Baby, Big Rich Texas, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, Raiders Of Rock, and Couples Therapy. Evan's website. www.evanedermusic.com